Online Coaching For RRB Exam Reasoning (Sitting Arrangements)

Online Coaching For RRB Exam

Reasoning (Sitting Arrangements)

Here, we deal with the questions having information regarding arrangement. We are giving some objects and then we have to arrange them according to information provided. Objects are arranged either in row or in a circle on the basis of such conditions. In some questions, we will also deal with other arrangements like square/pentagon/ hexagonal.

Different Types of Sitting Arrangement

There are two types of questions which are asked in various competitions:

Type 1 Arrangement around a Closed Path

In such questions, we are giving some clues regarding arrangement. We have apply these clues on a circle and using these information, we have to find the solutions of questions associated with them. In this arrangement, we also deal square/pentagon/ hexagon, questions.

Before solving type 1 questions, following facts are necessary to know.

For Circular Arrangement

In this arrangement some persons are sitting around a circle and they facing the centre.

1. Left movement also called clockwise rotation.
2. Right movement also called anti-clockwise rotation.

For Rectangular Arrangement

A « B (Front with each other)
C « D (Front with wach other)

For Hexagonal Arrangement

A « D (Front with each other)
B « E (Front with each other)
C « F (Front with each other)

Directions : Read the following information carefully and answer the questions based on it:

P, Q, R, S, T, U, V and W are eight friends. They are sitting around a round table and taking coffee.

(i) P is sitting between U and V
(ii) Q is sitting between W and T
(iii) R is sitting to the third left of V
(iv) W is sitting to the third right of S

Example 1: What is the position of V with respect to S?

(a) immediate left
(b) immediate right
(c) third to the left
(d) fourth to the right


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